Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Days of Tantrums...and personality!

Well, the time has officially arrived - Anthony's a toddler now. His favorite word all of a sudden is "No," but only when it comes out of HIS mouth. When it comes out of my mouth, he responds with a swift slap of the hand to whatever body part of mine he can find - which most often is my own hand grabbing his and stopping him. Then when I tell him he has to be nice, he gently rubs my arm and says, "Nice, nice." After multiple attempts to hit me, however, my hand grabs his and begins leading him down the hall to sit in "time-out" for 60 seconds. Getting there is fun, as he throws himself on the floor and refuses to walk, forcing me to pick him up and deliver him to the time out spot. This all, of course, is TORTURE for him, and if the neighbors could hear his screams, they'd probably call CPS or the cops! A minute is FOREVER to him, while he's sitting there crying, and yet, it quickly leaves his little short memory, because the next time I tell him not to do something or I refuse to give him something, out comes his chubby little hand again. It actually is pretty funny to watch him sometimes - like when he messes with the stereo cords and I tell him "No" from across the room, and he actually walks ALL the way across the room to me with his hand in the air, clearly with the intention of hitting me! He's got such a determined and defiant look on his face - sometimes I have to bite my cheek to keep from cracking up! So much attitude coming from such a little person!

On the flip side, his developing little personality is awesome. He is so affectionate, frequently running over to me in the middle of playing to give me a kiss or ask for a "High five." He loves to give hugs, and laughs with pure glee when I pick him up and dance around the living room with him. In the mornings, after (blessedly) a full night's sleep (which is becoming more frequent), he comes into bed with us and lays there on top of me, patting my face, "beeping" my nose, poking out my eyes, trying to stuff his fingers in my mouth, and tugging on my ears (he's been learning his body parts). He still loves to watch Elmo's World, and is beginning to try to sing along sometimes. He likes it when we do the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" together, but I can only do it when I have plenty of time, because in true toddler form, we have to do it over and over and over and over and get the picture. Same goes for "This little piggy went to market,..."

I took some time to myself this evening after Darrell got home. I don't know what my problem was this afternoon, but I was SO emotional!!! Maybe PMS? Don't know, but I was feeling crappy, just down and out pretty much all day. So I tried out this spa salon in Cathedral City - so nice! First they took me into the "Hair Spa," which is a dark room with soothing music and an entire wall screen with some ethereal-like colors and movement going on. I sat in a full-body massage chair, facing the soothing wall, reclining, and they put a warm, moist towel with aromatherapy oils on my face. Then I got a 5-minute neck massage with some great aromatherapy oil, and a warm towel wrapped around my neck. The shampoo included a nice scalp massage, followed my conditioner. I was mush by the time we went back to the stylist chair! Then, while the stylist was cutting my hair, another girl gave me a hand massage, which felt awesome. I thought I was going to fall asleep - it was EXACTLY what I needed. After she cut my hair, she straightened it for me - always a plus. I left feeling like a load was lifted off my shoulders - all for only $43 dollars, and it's a NO TIPPING salon!!! How great is that???? I still need a good shoulder and back massage, but this was great for now.

I have a deposition scheduled this Friday at 1:00 p.m. for a lawsuit I'm involved in - a former CPS client is suing me and some others in federal courts, claiming we violated his civil rights. It's a case from 6 years ago. I have been pretty nervous about it, although I have been calmer the past couple weeks. I have some friends praying for me, and I know their prayers are helping. Still, I will need LOTS of prayers on Friday afternoon, mostly so that I will have peace in myself and not let this crazy man stir up fear and anxiety in me. I am trusting that the Lord had me where I was supposed to be 6 years ago to protect that child, and that the Lord will fight this battle for me, but still that fear and anxiety try to creep up on everyone PRAY!!!!

Love you all!!!!! Jen

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