Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Team Pink x 2!!!!!

We had a quick little ultrasound on Monday to measure my cervix (check for signs of preterm labor), and the tech was able to get a peek at Baby A's parts. Actually, you couldn't HELP but get a peek - SHE was straddling my cervix with her legs wide open! Yep, a second girl! I am not at all surprised, as that's what I've been convinced we were having from the beginning. We have no way of knowing whether they're identical or fraternal at this point; since they have separate sacs and placentas, there is only a 25% chance they are identical, though. At this point, we won't know until they're born, and even then, sometimes the only way to tell is by genetic testing.

So now we have to come up with a second girl name....any ideas, anyone???? I don't want to be calling them "Mackenzie and Baby A" for too long!

We also met with the perinatologist, who said my mesasurements are good, with no sign of preterm labor....which means no bedrest yet! Yay! And I gained one pound in the last 3 weeks, which is still not quite what they originally wanted, but at least I'm gaining now...the nausea meds are working.

I remember after my miscarriage last year, thinking, "What if that was my baby girl?? And if I never get another chance?" I guess the Lord heard my cries, because now He's doubly blessing me.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Recent pics

Here are some recent pics of Anthony - sorry it's taken so long. These are from a free concert we went to in Yucaipa a couple weeks ago, with Dan and Gloria. Anthony had fun chasing bubbles, and was exhausted by the evening's end.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ultrasound and Test Results

This is Baby A, laying across the bottom (you can kind of see the shadow of Baby B above Baby A). S/he was not cooperating with the ultrasound tech and would not let us get very good photos or measurements, let alone give us a chance to see gender. But s/he looks alright. They are laying one on top of the other.

This is Baby B, otherwise known as Mackenzie Rose Clark. SHE was very cooperative and showed us her girl parts! Now, of course, since we were only 12 weeks 6 days, the u/s tech said we can't hold her to this, but I saw the parts too and I knew from the beginning of the pregnancy that I was having at least one girl - I could just tell! Mother's instinct! Darrell still doesn't really want to believe it - was hoping for 2 more boys!!!

Here's another shot of Mackenzie. So cute in that little alien kind of way! Hard to believe there are two babies growing inside me!!!

Sorry it took so long for me to post these. These are from our July 30 ultrasound. I've just not been feeling so great, and haven't had the energy or motivation to do much. Sorry if the lack of posting caused anyone concern!!! My blood work came back great - no sign of Down's Syndrome. Yay! The normal risk for someone my age is about 1/700, and with my measurements and labs, my actual risk came back as 1/2500, so they consider that a negative result.

My nausea had gotten really bad, and I hadn't gained any weight in 3 weeks (they want me to gain 1 lb/week), so the perinatologist put me on two meds - Reglan and Vistaril. They seem to have done the trick, and as long as I take them on schedule, I feel pretty good and can eat almost anything. It's nice to have somewhat of an appetite again.

I started my weekly progesterone injections last week. OUCH!!! It is supposed to help prevent preterm labor, but oooohhhh my buttock was sore!! I'm due for another today - yay!!

My next appointment is August 20 with the perinatologist for a cervical ultrasound - this measures the cervix to check for signs of preterm labor. I'm hoping I can get the u/s tech to take a peek at Baby A while she's in there and see what color team Baby A is on - pink or blue! Then on August 27, I have a regular OB appointment, and then on September 4, I have my next big growth ultrasound at the peri's office. They're definitely keeping good tabs on me!!

Say a prayer for my little sister Kristina; she left for a mission trip in Belize today. I hope she has a great time and stays safe!


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