Thursday, June 21, 2007

And on tonight's menu...

Ok, so I feel blessed that so far, I haven't had any significant nausea to speak of. A bit queasy here and there, especially if I don't eat often, but for the most part, the ginger has been keeping it at bay.

However, I have developed aversions to things, and they're not consistent. One day, I can't stand the idea of eggs or shrimp or fish of any kind, and the next, I'm craving it. Or, I start eating something that sounds great, only to decide two bites in that if I take another bite, I might start gagging!

But the BEST part is the cravings. I am totally ashamed to admit that I ate not one, not two, but THREE Kellogg's rice krispie treats yesterday. Usually I can't even finish a whole one because they are so sweet, but I am totally craving them now - went to Sam's Club and bought the mega-box! I haven't looked to see how many calories are in them, because I'm scared to!

Also frequently on my menu these cream, oreos & milk, Hawaiian bread w/ margarine, Cookie Crisp cereal, and Skittles. Can we say, "major sweet tooth?" Oh my gosh, the carbs! But it's not just a matter of craving - they're the only things that even sound remotely appetizing. I tried eating a salad last night, and choked most of it down, but it was so not appealing!

Let's hope this is just a first trimester thing!

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