Sunday, April 27, 2008

4 groovy months!!!

Can you believe the girls are 4 months old today? That's a third of a year! That's about 18 weeks! That's 120 days or so. I have no idea how many hours or minutes or seconds that is...but wow, the time has flown by!! And at the same time, it feels like they've been here, a part of our family, for...well, forever!

We've been keeping quite busy over the past few weeks. Mackenzie continues to see her occupational therapist weekly...I enjoy the sessions, because it's mostly play time, and it gives me some individual time with her. Some days I think her feedings are getting so much better, and other days it feels like they're as difficult as ever. The awesome, wonderful news is that in spite of her frequent reluctance to eat, the formula we're adding to her breast milk is doing the trick, and she's gaining weight. Last Thursday, at the geneticist appointment (which I'll update about in a minute), she weighed 6 lbs, 8 oz (up from 5 lbs, 13 oz on 3/31), and this past Wednesday, at our breastfeeding clinic, she weighed 6 lbs, 14 oz!!! That's 6 oz in 6 days - awesome!! There have been several times when we've gotten her take 3 oz in a feeding, though there are also still times when we can only get 1 oz into her. I'm trying not to stress about it, now that she's gaining, and just hope it all balances out in the end. She's been smiling more and more, and babbling some too. She's discovered the wonder of her hands, and spends time staring at them, grabbing one hand with the other, and putting them in her mouth. She's just now starting to be able to wear newborn-sized clothing, though much of it is still big on her.

Darrell took Mackenzie to her geneticist appointment a week and a half ago. According to the doctor, her features fit 20-30 different potential genetic syndromes. The down-side is that none of the syndromes are good news, with lots of associated problems. The up-side is that she does not have all of the features of any of the syndromes, so there is still a good possibility that her problems are coincidental and not part of any bigger syndrome. They drew her blood that day to run some tests, which we do not have the results for yet. She will be going on Tuesday for a kidney ultrasound and a brain ultrasound, and the doctor also wants her to see an opthamologist for an eye exam. We'll keep you updated.

Makayla is our little butterball! Seriously, the rolls on this girl...squeezably delicious! On Wednesday she weighed in at 12 lbs, 3 oz. She's in mostly 3-6 month clothes now! It's funny to have twins, and one of them wears newborn diapers and one of them wears size 2 diapers!! Makayla continues to have a lot of reflux, and has also started drooling a lot - which means we're changing onesies several times a day. You might suggest that I put a bib on her...but honestly, it's kind of fun to put different outfits on her!! LOL She rolled over from her tummy to her back for the first time this week...she and Mackenzie were both on the play mat, and when she rolled over, she literally pushed Mackenzie right off the mat! She's very engaging, babbling a lot and laughing a lot (as long as she's been fed). She is very insistent about eating the second she wakes up!

Anthony just adores the girls and is constantly showing his love and affection. Sometimes he's a bit too over-zealous in showing his love, and we have to keep reminding him to be gentle and a little bit quieter with them. But he's a fantastic big brother!

I'll try to get some new pics taken this week!!

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