Monday, April 14, 2008

Attempted photo shoot


So I tried to do a little impromptu photo shoot this morning...alas, this is the only decent photo I really got b/c they kept moving...the vast majority of the photos ended up completely blurry! At least they were both looking at the camera in this one!

Nothing much going on around here today. Saturday we all went to Los Angeles and met up with two of the moms from my Pregnant After Loss message board. It was really great to meet them in person. One of them gave birth to twin boys 4 days before the girls were born; but her boys were just shy of 28 weeks! They're both home and doing well, but we didn't get to meet them as they aren't really supposed to go out in public yet.


After having brunch with the moms, we went to the beach - as did most everyone else in L.A. Parking was a nightmare, especially with both babies crying and Anthony whining, "I wanna see the ocean!" "Why are we stopping?" "You need to go faster!" I was seriously asking God to PLEASE provide a parking space for us!! Once we found one, we had a nice time. It was really hot, and the water on my toes felt wonderful! Anthony was too scared to get close enough to get his feet wet! The drive home wasn't much fun either - one or both girls cried at least half of the 2 hour drive home. My neck and shoulders are still sore from twisting around in my seat to retrieve binkies and hold them in mouths!

Mackenzie has an appt with the geneticist this Thursday morning. I also have to schedule another brain ultrasound for her...I didn't realize they wanted to repeat it, since the last one was normal, but the radiology department called today and said the doc had put in an order to have it repeated after 2 months, which it's been. She also has occupational therapy on Friday afternoon. She gained 3 oz last week - I was hoping for a bit more, but at least she's gaining. I've increased the amount of formula I'm adding to her milk, so maybe this week will show more improvement. She actually took a 3-oz bottle this morning - I'm pretty sure that's the first time she's ever finished off a full 3 oz! Usually we struggle to get 2 oz into her.

Makayla has full-on discovered the wonder of her hands, and spends much time chomping on them and sucking her thumb. It's kind of funny, b/c she often does it while she's nursing - her hand will get too close to her mouth, and she'll unlatch and stick her thumb in her mouth...and after a few sucks, gets mad when she realizes she's no longer getting any milk! She's also drooling all of a sudden - wondering if she's going to teeth on a more normal schedule than Anthony ever did! And she has started rubbing her eyes when she gets sleepy - fine, except that I need to file her nails, b/c she now has a little cut under one eye from her sharp-as-razors fingernails!

Both girls are "talking" to us a lot now and smiling much more. Last night Mackenzie made a noise when Anthony was being a little over-exuberant with her, and he laughed and said, "She's talking to me." I asked him what she said, and he replied, "She said, 'Get out of my face!'" Too funny!

Last night I was sitting on the couch with my laptop, and Anthony climbed up next to me. He said, "I'm so happy." I asked him why he was so happy, as he snuggled up to me. He replied, "You make me so happy." Aaahhhh...and mama melts...


Karen said...

That picture is so cute! And I love it "get out of my face" so funny:)

Anonymous said...

Nice picture and glad to hear Anthony is taking to the girls so well. Enjoy your updates, pictures, & stories. Thanks for sharing.

Heather Gilmour


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