Sunday, June 08, 2008

How cute is that?!

Isn't she just sooo cute?! I wish I woulda had my dig camera handy a bit ago, b/c Makayla was practicing her new back-to-tummy rolling skills and rolled herself right out of the bouncy seat!! Fortunately, Darrell was there and caught her before she fell completely onto the floor! Guess we have to start strapping them in now!

Friday night I met up with some friends for happy hour to celebrate my dear friend Megan's birthday. We had a great time. The pink vase was the gift I made for her.


Karen said...

She looks like a little doll!!!

Love the knew background - I'm a sucker for paisley:)

Karen said...

Weell - I looked at it again and I guess it's not really paisley, but "paisley-like":)Still love it!

Mama to a Princess said...

your shirt is totally cute! :)


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