Monday, June 02, 2008

Long overdue update!

Wow, it's really been a long time since I've posted an update!! Sorry about that - too busy actually taking care of the kiddos to sit and post updates about them!! :)

Let's see, what's new...we saw the neonatologist on May 9. Mackenzie has a milk protein allergy, so we are now adding a lactose-free hypoallergenic formula to her breastmilk (Nutramigen). It seems to have done the trick - she is eczema free now and spitting up much less. Unfortunately, the stuff smells terrible going in and coming out, and it costs a small fortune...but she's gaining weight, so it's worth it! We are up to about 36 calories/ounce now (normal is 20 cal/oz), and she's regularly taking 3 oz per feeding (which equates to more like 5.5 oz worth of calories). She did take 6 oz in one feeding last week once, but she ate like crap the rest of the day!! Yesterday she took a 4 oz feeding and spit up a LOT afterwards...I think 3 oz is about what her tummy can handle. And as of last Wednesday, Mackenzie is up to 8 lbs, 5 oz!!! Woo hoo!!

At Mackenzie's O.T. appt on Friday, the therapist noted that Mack's legs are hypertonic - which basically means her muscles have too much tone. This causes them to be tight and basically contracted all the time. Mainly it's her calves and hamstrings. The therapist was unable to get Mack's legs in a straight position due to the problem, so now we are doing stretching with her a few times/day. This can be a problem for preemies, and it can also be a sign of more significant problems, such as cerebral palsy. There's not much else to do about it at this point, other than to sort of "wait and see." The girls have an appointment in the NICU follow-up clinic next Thursday, June 12, so I'm hoping they can shed a little more light on this and the overall big picture as far as how she's doing.

Mackenzie's doing well otherwise. She's so smily and happy (after she's been fed!), loves to chew on her fingers, and has discovered the wonder of her toes. She likes sitting in the infant rocker and batting at the toys on the bar, and will also lay on the playmat and bat at the hanging animals. She can roll from her tummy to her back, and is getting close to being able to go from her back to her tummy. She likes laying next to Makayla and grabbing Makayla's hair or her hands.

Makayla continues to have quite a bit of reflux, though she doesn't seem particularly bothered by it anymore. She also continues to have apnea alarms fairly regularly, though we occasionally get through a night without any alarms. The doctor we saw on the 9th said she was surprised Makayla's still having so many alarms. As of last Wednesday, Makayla weighed 13 lbs, 11 oz!! She's quite the rolly polly little thing.

Makayla talks up a storm, and loves to do back-and-forth "conversation" with anyone who will pay attention to her. I really have to get it on video, b/c she totally responds to anyone who will talk to her. She has also figured out how to turn on the charm when someone walks by her while she's in the bouncy seat - she's realized that if she lights up with a big grin and some kicks, she's likely to get rewarded by being picked up! Makayla can also roll from tummy to back, but not back to tummy yet, though she's close. She sits up in the Bebe Pod seat sometimes - yesterday she sat in it while I was working on a craft, and seemed to enjoy herself. She also likes sitting in the bouncy seat watching me cook or do chores in the kitchen. I think Makayla's getting close to being ready to try some solid foods. She watches me eat very intently and practically begs to be included. The doc said we'll discuss solids at their 6 month appt. Mackenzie's therapist said she's no where near being ready for solids yet, which I wasn't surprised to hear.

We had a nice visit with my mom for a couple weeks in May. She helped me get through some much-needed sorting in closets and the kitchen. I literally got rid of half of my clothes!! It felt great!! The girls enjoyed all the extra attention, as did Anthony.

We also have some other GREAT news...we are in escrow on our first house!! We expect to close sometime mid-month -in the next 2-3 weeks. The house is in San Jacinto, which is on the other side of the big mountain from where we are now. It's closer to Darrell's work, and it's in a cooler area...the average in July-August is about 100, as opposed to 120 here, and it actually cools off at night, unlike here. It's a 2-story house, about 2400 sq ft (so 1100 more than what we have here!), with 4 bedrooms plus an open loft area. It's a nice sized lot, so the kids will have a place to run and play outside, and it's got a cute little courtyard off the dining room area on one side of the house. It was a foreclosure, so we got a great deal, and it's in great shape...just built in late 2005, sold for the first time in May 2006. Here's a link if you want to see pics, although they aren't great pics...
My dad is coming out June 12 - July 2, to be here to help out with the move - yay for help!! Anthony can't wait to see his grandpa again!!

Okay, gonna go find some recent pics to post! The girls had their first swimming experience last week, so I'll post some pics of that too.


sarah smoker said...

Jen! I love the house! You can't get that good of a deal on a house in the midwest, let alone in California. What a blessing. So glad to hear about the girls.

Sally said...

Congrats on the house! That's awesome. It looks like a wonderful place, too, and I agree that it sounds like you are getting a very good deal! Plus, I just checked mapquest and it is closer to Tim's sister's house, which will make it even easier to visit when I am in CA!

Kami said...

Hey Jenny, you have such a BEAUTIFUL family! I have to say I don't know how you do it girl! LOTS of prayer and support I supose probably helps. Anthony and the girls truely are fun to watch grow up on your blog. I love reading your updates and of course looking at all the great pictures. Looks like you all are buying a wonderful home! CONGRATS! I used to be able to get onto Karen's blog as well, but now I guess you have to be an invited reader, or something like that. I would love to be able to get out that way to see you all someday. That would be so much fun, maybe someday. Anyway, take care. Love you all! Kami


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