Monday, February 09, 2009

Lemons for lunch


Mackenzie did a little re-decorating with the fruit basket. :)


Nicole said...

So cute! great pics :)
Did she actually eat the lemons? Or did she just move them around the kitchen?

Jen Clark said...

Nope - she just mouthed them and played with them...didn't actually eat any. :)

The Boisverts said...

Hi Jen~ Karen's friend Jen here, just wanted to say that I'm still praying for your sweet girls...I didn't know that the palate surgery didn't take until just recently so I'll still pray for that area, too. I haven't visited your site in so long that I was shocked to see how much the babies have grown; they're so much bigger now and still soooo beautiful! Hope life with 3 is going as smoothly as possible. Take good care!

Jess said...

She's SO expressive! I love it.
And I love lemons. I'm envious of your basketful! :)


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