Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Birthday party bash

Pics from the birthday party we went to - this is for the little girl who was the recipient of the little twirl skirt. I just LOVE these little party skirts with the yoga tops that I got for the girls on clearance from The Children's Place a while back. They also have matching bolero cardigans, but it wasn't cool enough yet for them to wear them.

Our little friend Layla, so sweet in her dots. Her big sister had a matching dress!

The kids all lined up to do the limbo!

Makayla and her beloved binky.

The party girl, Sage, and her lovely mama, Heather.

Our little friend Abby - her daddy did NOT scrape the brightly colored icing off her cupcake, like I did off my girls' cupcakes, before giving it to her...obviously!!!

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