Thursday, December 31, 2009

Craft Room Re-Do

So, as I explained in my last post, I haven't been doing much crafting lately...but even if I COULD have been crafting, I really COULDN'T have been crafting, because my craft room looked like an explosion had taken place. Somehow, slowly but surely, I had managed to accumulate so much crafting STUFF that every surface in my room was covered. And the day after Thanksgiving? I bought TONS of fabric - which was all still piled in bag after bag, on the floor, behind my desk...making it impossible to even get to my chair!! I had NO STORAGE left, and no ideas on where I could add storage without spilling into other rooms of the house (which my dear, wonderful hubby, who is so generous to allow me to take an entire room of the house for my crafts in the first place, was NOT in favor of!).

In steps my dad (who is visiting us for a long winter's vacation from New Hampshire), along my wonderful hubby, with a brainstorm of an idea. Replace my desk with a homemade workstation, at counter-height, with storage underneath! BRILLIANT! Initially, my dad suggested kitchen base cabinets, but upon measuring how much space we could work with and figuring out the cost, it was going to be more than I could afford to spend. Then I remembered seeing something similar to what I needed on Jona's blog a while back. So off to Ikea we went!

A day of building and a day of organizing later, this is what I have!!! I'm so happy!!

The workstation itself is made up of 6 metal shelf carts from Ikea - 3 are 36" long by 14" deep ($39.99 each), and the other 3 are 18" long by 14" deep ($34.99 each). They are arranged in such a way that I have about 15" of leg room on the back side, where I'll be sitting and working. The top is one piece of 83"x44" pressboard and one piece of 83"x44" gloss white flat wall paneling (total of about $35.00), glued together with Liquid Nails. To attach the top to the shelves, my dad screwed eyescrews into the bottom of the worktop, then used 20-guage wire and wired the shelves to the worktop. He also wired the selves to each other, so they'd stay in place and not shift around.

I used double sided sticky tape to put my cutting mat (24"x36") on one end of the workstation, so that it won't move around. I LOVE that I can have it there all the time and not have to move it around (and not be working on top of it all the time like I was on my old craft desk)! I have my printer and my Cricut on the other end of the workstation, and still have TONS of workspace. I do need to get a new chair, because my old chair doesn't raise up high enough. The workstation is the perfect height for standing at, though - which I often like to do, especially when I'm cutting fabric, and my back used to get so sore from leaning over to cut fabric on my desk!

I have my sewing machine cabine at an L-shape to my workstation, which is the same as it was with my old craft desk. It works out well there for me.

The storage cubes to the right of my workstation. They mostly hold scrapbooking/papercrafting supplies, stamping supplies, embellishments, etc. (The cubes are from Target.)

You can see that my serger is now sitting on the long desk against the wall behind my workstation, so I basically will be sitting in the middle of all of my crafting "stuff." Isn't it AWESOME?!

This is the view from the working side of my workstation. I have the things I use most often on the working sewing basket, Xyron, Sizzix, dies, Cricut cartridges, a box with elastics/zippers/etc., a box with cover-yourself buttons/magnets/etc., a drawer for purse handles, a basket for sewing works-in-progress, and space on the floor for big tubs of things like sheets, clothing blanks, and tulle/ribbon/etc.

On the front side of the workstation, the shelves hold mostly fabric...felt, flannel, a bag of tulle, some corduroy, chenille, and other varilous fabrics. There is a box of cloth diapers for making burp cloths, an art kit of the kids, and even an empty shelf (with empty plastic boxes).

The shelf on the end holds all fleece - bulky stuff!!

My serger on the back desk, which is built into the niche in the wall (this is supposed to be the formal dining room of the house). That cabinet is filled with items to be recycled or altered.

The kids' desk..not much has changed (although it's much cleaner now than it was a week ago).

The view from above, on the stairs.

So what do you think? I am IN LOVE!!!! Signing off to go do some crafting...


Mills Memories said...

LOVE IT! My craft room redo it SO not complete yet! Wish I had all the storage you do. I thought I bought a lot but it turned out NOT to be enough.

Need to paint my room a calming color like yours. Bryan's office color choices are not at all my taste. My craft room wants to be like your craft room when it grows up ;)

Sally said...

It looks great! You dad did a nice job and the organization looks perfect, too! I wish I had a bigger space to craft in, because right now almost anything I do involves my kitchen table.

Lora said...

What a great craft room! One of these days, I'd love to have my own space for just that:) Enjoy yours!!


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