Sunday, July 17, 2011

Reaching My Goal: Spark the Event

For the past two years, I have watched with a longing heart as the incredibly creative and talented and beautiful women who organize Spark the Event prepare for it.  They plan, they decorate, they get every detail just right.  The concept behind it, I woman has an idea, which sparks the creative spirit in another, which sparks the creative spirit in another...and so on.  It's two days filled with creativity and sharing and making and laughing and being refueled and being rejuvenated.

Well, this year?  I decided, "Why watch?  Why not GO?!"  Do I have the money?  Nope.  Not a cent.  So I'm doing something about that.  I signed up to be an Independent Tupperware Consultant...this, after being a bit reticent to even attend my sister-in-law's Tupperware party, I might add.  But one party, and then holding my own party, was all it took to convince me...Tupperware is SO AWESOME...both the product and the company!

I had so many preconceived ideas...and they were all wrong.  Tupperware has so many products to help me, me who can't cook meals anymore for my family because of my chronic pain; products to help my family, who throws out way too much produce because it goes bad before we are able to eat it; products to help us prepare fresh, healthy food fast.

Here are a few of my favorites:

*the TupperWave Stack Cooker Complete System - lets you cook a full meal in minutes!  Cook a whole chicken in under 30 minutes; bake a cake in 7-9 minutes; or brown ground beef/turkey in 4-6 minutes per pound...while the grease drains through a colander to the casserole dish below!  Talk about meals in minutes! SO much better than processed food for my kids!

*the FridgeSmart Containers - did you know that the average family throws out 24 pounds of fresh produce every MONTH?!  These containers have adjustable vents, ridges on the bottom to collect moisture, and a guide on the side of each container to let you know how to adjust the vents for each type of produce!  Imagine keeping strawberries fresh for 2 full weeks, or celery crisp for a full month!!

*the Quick Chef Pro System - it's like a food processor, but better.  It won't turn your chicken into something that looks like dog food!  How about fresh salsa or guacamole in less than 5 minutes?  Or even homemade ice cream in 2 minutes?  (And trust me - it's SOOO yummy!!)  It even comes with a basket for spinning salad or herbs, and a whisk for whipping eggs.

Those are just a few of the MANY wonderful on the banner above to go to my website to check out ALL the wonderful products Tupperware has to offer.  Remember that most Tupperware products are backed by a lifetime guarantee.  Tupperware is an investment - one you won't regret!

And every purchase you make, you will be helping ME to reach my goal of attending Spark the Event this October!!  Thank you!!


Mommy Melback said...

You will be awesome Jen!!!

Prior said...

good luck, hope you raise the funds to go to your awesome event! Lezlee

Jen said...

Thanks Kathye and Lezlee!!


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