Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mom's afternoon

Yesterday I got done with work by noon...a rarity, but one of the definite perks of this job! So I came home...alone! I got SO much done! It's amazing how much one can accomplish without a child and a husband coming behind her making more messes. So I tackled the corner of our office, where I had accumulated a 6-month pile of STUFF. You know, the piles of mail that I moved from the kitchen counter when company came over but didn't have time to ever go through, and the countless magazines I haven't had time to read, and the leftover tissue paper from when I wrapped Christmas gifts! Plus, the wall of bookshelves that had countless misplaced items thrown on them, so you couldn't actually get to the BOOKS behind all the stuff! Anyway, three hours later, it was done...thank God!

Then, I actually had time to stamp a card for Anthony's daycare provider, who's been going through a rough time with some family stuff. Now that the office is clean, I feel like I can actually sit down and stamp, and not feel guilty because of the pile of crap sitting next to my stamping table! Here's the card I made...

I wish I had more time to stamp and scrapbook, but I'm too busy working extra jobs to try to make money to PAY for stamping and scrapbooking! LOL!

Anyway, I enjoyed my afternoon, and it was productive. I picked up Anthony, brought him home, and made dinner. Then we all went outside and worked in the yard, since it was a much cooler evening than what we've been having - meaning only high nineties as opposed to 110! Anthony played with his sand/water table, while I pulled weed and trimmed bushes in the back yard, and Darrell trimmed and cleaned up in the front yard (which the gardener is SUPPOSED to take care of). Anthony was covered in sand and dirt by the time we came inside to shower...he thought it was great fun that he and I wore our sandals into the shower to wash them!

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