Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More free time for mom

Another card I made today...this one for my darling husband. I love this new stamp set I got - Unfrogettable, it's called. So adorable. I want to get the Lily Pad wheel that goes with it. Got a terrible migraine this afternoon, finally is clearing up tonight...felt like I was going to die there for a while! It was bad - my blood pressure went up to 140/103 because I was in so much pain!

Anthony's in a mood tonight...he's teething again, plus he just switched this week from two naps a day to one, so is having adjustment issues. Will put him to bed very soon and hope he sleeps well. He was doing really well there for a while, sleeping through the night, but the last few, has been waking up a couple times a night again...ugh. Wonder what are all the known effects of chronic sleep deprivation...think I have many of them! Posted by Picasa

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