Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Appointment update

We saw the perinatologist today. All the news was good - yay! The doc did ask me if I was "being good," i.e. staying on bedrest. I said, "Of course," but then he had to check with Darrell to make sure I was telling the truth!! Darrell assured him I was staying down. My blood sugars have been remarkably good since I got home from the hospital, so for now, I'm not on any meds or insulin for them - just the diabetic diet. My cervix is still nice and long, which is good. And the babies are growing right on schedule. Baby A (yes, she remains nameless) weighs in at 1 lb, 9 oz, and Baby B (Mackenzie) is a bit smaller at 1 lb, 5 oz. And I finally gained a bit of weight - still only 4 lbs since my very first peri appt in July, but better than I was doing previously - probably b/c I'm on bedrest and not really expending any extra calories! My friends who come to visit keep telling me that I'm disappearing! Hey, as long as the babies are growing, I figure it's a good thing - just imagine how quickly I'll lose the weight after they're born!!

Darrell remains off work on FMLA until November 5th, and hopefully my mom will be coming by then to stay for a while to help out. Anthony goes to daycare 3 days/week, which he loves, but I can't take care of him when he's home. Friends have started taking turns bringing dinners to us to help take some of the stress off Darrell, which is so nice. Someone from Darrell's work made us a yummy lasagna yesterday - mmmmm.... One of my friends is going to make us a no-sugar-added apple crisp, which I've been craving since it's apple-picking time! I can hardly wait!

If you want a good laugh, you have to check out my sister's blog to see some of their house-remodeling tales! There's a link over on the right - Savage Family. The entry about trying to replace the toilet is especially fun!


Anonymous said...

I am Heath's sister, Heather, and I have been following your progress with the girls. I wish you the best of luck and pray that you are able to carry them as close to full term as possible. Keep the posts coming because I flip from Karen's blog over to yours everytime just checking to see how you are progressing. Bedrest is not fun but a must at this point just be thankful that you have good friends to help both you and your family. I wish you the best and I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!! Take Care!!!

Heather Gilmour

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,

I am Sarah (Adam Steel's sister) and I also check your blog from Karen's. You've been in my thoughts these past few weeks. (I'm 9 weeks pregnant right now, so I've been following your story closely!) Hang in there!

Sarah Anderson

Jen Clark said...

Heather and Sarah,
Thanks so much for your prayers and well wishes! Everyone's prayers and encouragement definitely help me get through these LONG days!!
Jen :)


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