Sunday, December 16, 2007

Recent pics

Today is mom's last day with us for hoo! She flies out this afternoon, after having been here for about 6 weeks...don't know how we'll go back to life without her!!! Something tells me my dad (who's been in town staying with my brother, but will come over here this evening) won't be cooking up a storm like my mom has done while she's been here!

So here are some pics of the newly organized and decorated scrapbooking/twins room (they'll sleep in our room, but their clothes and changing table are in my scrap room), the newly furnished living room, a pic or two of Anthony, and a pic or two from my baby shower.


Karen said...

It's about time you posted some pics on here:) You're looking great! And my little nephew is an awfully handsome boy! The house looks great too - love the new furniture.

Anonymous said...

Wow You look great! Look how big and handsome the little man has gotten! How fast they grow. The furniture is beautiful!
I am very jealous of the scrappin' room. I want to have my stuff that organized.
Take care

sarah smoker said...

You look awesome, Jen!!! I am so amazed you have to little ones in that belly! Any name for baby 2, yet?


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