Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our grower/feeder is growing and feeding!!

In the NICU, when a baby is pretty much stable, but just needs more time to learn how to eat and to grow, they are referred to as a "grower/feeder." That's basically what Mackenzie's been for a while now. I talked to her nurse this morning, and she officially hit 4 lbs today!!!! YAY!! AND they removed her feeding tube, as she has been able to take all of her milk by bottle in her alotted time. Another big YAY!! I asked if the docs have mentioned discharge yet, and they hadn't done rounds yet for today. I'll call back later and see if any orders were written. When they order her hearing screen and pneumogram (to check for apnea and bradycardia spells), we'll know we're close - discharge is usually only a day or two away when they order those.

I saw my doctor today regarding my abdominal and back pain. The nausea is gone, but I'm still having quite a bit of pain, mostly in my back now (under my right shoulder blade), and it's much worse after I eat. I can't take a deep breath at all, it hurts so bad. She had me come in for labs yesterday, and had those results in time for my appointment. Initially she thought maybe I just had a bad GI bug, but after we talked, she said it does sound like a gallbladder problem. A couple of my liver function tests were abnormal, which can indicate a gallbladder problem. She is sending me for a HIDA scan, which is apparently the "gold standard" test for gallbladder problems - LOL I have to stay away from the babies for a certain number of hours afterwards b/c they will inject me with a radioactive substance for the test! That probably won't be until next week sometime. Anyway, the doc said if it does show a problem with the gallbladder, she'll refer me to a surgeon to have it taken out, since I've had repeated "attacks" of this kind of pain. If it's not my gallbladder, we'll look at GI issues - I was scheduled for an upper GI/endoscopy last summer, but cancelled it due to the pregnancy. So there could be some reflux or ulcer issues going on.

I just found out this afternoon that I have to take Makayla to Riverside tomorrow for her Synagis shot - apparently they only give them 2 days/month, and today and tomorrow are the days for this month. If I didn't take her, she would have a lapse in protection from RSV before the February shot. It's a darn good thing I followed up on it after my appt today, b/c they were supposed to call us but never did!! I'm praying my daycare provider will let Anthony come tomorrow, so I don't have to drag him along with me. She has her first follow-up appt with the neonatologist on Feb 6. Hopefully we'll be able to get Mackenzie's scheduled for the same time.

Oh, and here's an UGH for ya...Anthony's been going to daycare part time - 3 days/week - for several months. Basically since I got put on bedrest during the pregnancy. Anyway, yesterday the daycare provider called and said she doesn't want to do part-time care anymore, so now we have to find a new daycare for him. Yes, because we needed one more thing on our plates to deal with right now. Thank God my mom's coming back, b/c there's just no way I can manage two babies and two apnea monitors and a toddler, while taking the twins to all their appointments and such. Darrell's planning to take off the last half of February, I think, so that will help too.

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Karen said...

Go (or should I say "grow":) big Mack!!!!


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