Thursday, January 03, 2008

They're one week old!!!

Grandpa got to hold both of the girls today when we went to the hospital. This is the first time the girls have been together since before they were born!! They are one week old today.

Here you can finally see the enormous size difference in them - Makayla is twice as big as Mackenzie!! They were both content because mommy had just nursed both of them. (Not at the same time - we're just trying to master the whole eating thing first!) And check out that hair!!! The nurses are all just totally in love with the girls - they even fight over who gets assigned them! The nurse said once they're a little more stable (mainly Makayla's breathing), they'll put them together in a bed for me and unwrap them so I can get pics of them together without the blankets.

So today was Makayla's first time breastfeeding - and she's a champ! She knew exactly what to do, and was just as peaceful as could be afterwards. Her antibiotics got discontinued today - yay!! She's had no more problems with her heart rate or rhythm since her sepsis (infection) cleared. They are slowly increasing her feedings and decreasing her IV fluids. She can nipple-feed every other feeding (breast or bottle).

Mackenzie's IV was completely discontinued today - woo-hoo - one less thing hooked to her tiny body. Her feedings are continuing to be increased, she's nipple-feeding every other feeding, and the doc said I can breastfeed her whenever I'm there (so not just once/day anymore). AND, the chromosome study came back normal - a huge relief (they did that b/c of her cleft lip/palate and the two skin tags she has on her ear to make sure they weren't indicative of a bigger genetic problem).

Ugh, Darrell just called and said the daycare provider just called him b/c Anthony threw up twice. Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. Since Thanksgiving, the kid has been sick 4 times - and every time we get him well enough to go back to daycare, he goes for 1-2 days and comes home sick again!! He was fine when we sent him back yesterday, then he came home with a runny nose and coughed all he's throwing up. Good grief...

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