Thursday, March 06, 2008


Well, both girls are holding their heads up, although Mackenzie does it MUCH better than Makayla. Mackenzie can also roll herself from her tummy to her back!! My theory is that there just isn't much to roll, so it's easy!! Both girls are also finding their smiles - they've been smiling in their sleep for a long time, but now they are starting to actually smile intentionally. Yay!! My stepdaughter Samantha came Tuesday night and spent the night, and helped me out all day yesterday - she was a HUGE help!! We went to the pharmacy and got Makayla's new tummy medicine - the doc put her on Prilosec for her's hoping it works! We also took the kids to my breastfeeding group. Makayla, the little chub, weighs 9 lbs, 10 oz !!! She's so rolly polly, it's so cute. Mackenzie, sweet Mackenzie, still only weighs 5 lbs, 7 oz - but at least she gained 5 oz this week!! We're gonna have to throw a party to celebrate when she hits 6 lbs - maybe by 3 months of age??

Here are some pics - haven't posted any for a while.

This is from several weeks ago...aren't they just adorable?!

Isn't this so cute, how Makayla puts her arm around Mackenzie - the protective big sister!!

This is from maybe a week or two ago.

Whatcha doin' mom??

This is today...I am so amazed at well Mackenzie holds her head up. They say you can use this little seat once they can hold their heads up...but I don't think they anticipated that would happen for a baby less than 5 1/2 lbs!! I had to put a blanket behind her to fill in some of the vast empty space!!

My little china doll.

Look, mom, I'm learning how to smile!! This is fun!

And this is what Makayla thought of the whole want me to do WHAT???? Waaaahhhhh!
Oh, and let me explain this pic...I've been talking with a couple friends about our breastmilk. Normal breastmilk separates after it sits for a while, and usually you end up with most of it looking like slightly cloudy water, with a thin layer of milky cream on top. My breastmilk? Well, apparently I make SUPER milk...this is what it looks like after it separates - a thin layer of cloudy water on bottom, topped by several ounces of very creamy milk, topped by an even thicker custard-like layer of pure fat!! They've been wanting to see it for here it is!!


Anonymous said...

They are growing so quickly. Thanks for keeping us updated as I know that you must be pretty much out straight. They are precious. How is the big brother doing? I bet he is a big help. Take Care!

Heather (Heath's sister)

sarah smoker said...

Your girls are so beautiful!!! I cannot get over how big they are and how much they are changing! I love the new pics!

Sally said...

Both girls looks so cute! I can't wait to meet them! (and see you again, of course!)

Karen said...

I can't believe how much bigger Mackenzie looks esp! Amazing the difference a pound makes!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing how they grow so fast. I cannot believe they are so little and have so much hair. How cute is that! Thank you for the updates. We are thinking about you.


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