Monday, July 27, 2009

Twinsome Goodness

The girls' favorite new thing to do - climb. On anything and everything they can find...stools, chairs, couches, stairs, the ottoman, beds, the toy box, Anthony's bed name it, they'll try to climb it! Actually, it's quite amazing to me that we haven't had any major injuries yet; not even a major bruise or goose egg. They bounce pretty well.

They especially like to combine their love of climbing with gazing out the front window. If daddy's outside working on the lawn, it's especially thrilling, but even when he's not, they still sit at the window and watch whatever and whomever is out and about.

Occasionally the stool falls and a girl comes crashing down. But it never stops them from getting back up and climbing again.

They've also been enjoying this little white table from Ikea - you know, one of those $12 ones, one I almost got rid of when we moved, but decided on a whim to keep, not knowing for sure how it would be used? Yeah, that little white table. It's the perfect height for them, and they sit there to eat snacks, like this snake soup Makayla is enjoying.

They are also completely into books these days, though they want to do it themselves - they aren't so much into letting mommy read the books TO them. They just want to take the books from my hands so THEY can turn the pages and look at the pictures.

I can't get over how grown up they look. They aren't babies anymore...they are full on toddlers. Where did my babies go, and who gave them permission to grow up???


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