Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Free Video Tutorial TONIGHT!

Hi all - I've been busy making my fingers happy (they're all inky and painty and stuff)!  I'll have pictures to show soon!!!  In the meantime, if you want some AWESOME inspiration, Donna Salazar is offering her free bi-weekly Tuesday Tutorial tonight at 5:30 PST on U-Stream.  I always watch (even though the kids are usually running around driving me crazy, since that is right around dinner time), and try to join the chat - and she always gives away free stuff near the end of the hour-long tutorial...free stuff is good!  :)  And even if you can't watch the video live, she does record them, so you can always go check it out on U-Stream at a later time.  Also, in case you ever wondered, she's the one from whom I learned how to make the cool paper flowers I've used in my Inspiration Journal - there's a link to the tutorial on her blog (click her name above, and it will take you to her blog..the flower tute is on the left side, a little ways down).

Have a creative evening!

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