Thursday, September 30, 2010

Visions of Fall

Ahh...well, it was triple digits all weekend long, but that didn't stop me from finally getting out all of my fall decorations and turning the INSIDE of my house into an autumn oasis!  Each year, I seem to accumulate a little bit more (which is fine by me, since this is my favorite time of year!) every year, the house looks just a little different.  It's always fun to figure out just where everything should go, and which things can be placed within the reach of my little grabby-handed twins without ending up damaged (and without the hands getting hurt).  

These are the only things that ended up in the girls' reach: a floral bouquet in a tin vase, and two foam pumpkins that we carved last year.  And while they were enthralled in the beginning and wanted to cart the pumpkins off to play with them, a warning that they might get put away was enough to make Makayla start keeping her sister in check whenever she sees her starting to touch them again!  

It was nice to find a more permanent home for my new fall banner, too (rather than on the blinds in my craft room).  It looks quite nice in the family room over the windows.  

And finally, a gorgeous arrangement on the island.  While it may not FEEL like fall outside, it can at least SMELL like fall inside!

Now I just need some more fall artwork from the kids to finish decorating the walls and windows!!  How do you and your family celebrate the changing of the seasons?  

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