Saturday, November 19, 2011

Do you love a good STAMP sale?

If you read my last post - you know, the one where I dove head first into carving my own stamps? - then you know I *love* stamps.  I must...if I am willing to go to all the work of carving my very own, right?  Um, right...well, you should see the drawers full of stamps that I own, that I did NOT carve myself.  LOL  I do love stamps.  And one of my very favorite brands is Unity.  Seriously - they have some of THE cutest and most gorgeous stamps out there.  (And they're not paying me to say this...really!)  I even did a review of them for Craft Test Dummies earlier this year - you can read it here.

Anywho, I just thought I'd let you know that the great folks at Unity are having a FAB-FANTASTIC sale - like SERIOUSLY awesome sale - 45% off ALL of their stamps!  Plus - only $2.95 shipping...and if you spend $58, they'll ship your order FREE.  I mean - seriously - how can you go wrong?  The sale started Friday and goes through Wednesday...but I wouldn't wait to start shopping, because I can promise you that your favorite stamps will be LOOOONG gone soon!

So I'll be making MY wish list and passing it along to, oh, say my hubby and mama and maybe a friend or about you?

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