Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Doctor Appointment

Well, we met Anthony's new pediatrician today...Dr. Aguirre. Have to say - I love her!!! Finally! The facility is brand new and is really nice, and everything is charted on the computer. The doctor is very experienced - in fact, she is the physician-in-charge over the three new facilities Kaiser has built out here in the desert. She was very thorough - and was actually concerned about his nasal snorting/congestion that he's had for what seems like forever - every time I brought it up with our previous provider, it was just dismissed. Anyway, she said that it is probably allergies and/or asthma, and that when he turns 2, we can have allergy testing done. He weighs 24 lbs, which is at 37% on the growth chart for his age, and is 30 inches tall, which is only at 9% on the growth chart for his age - he's a shrimp! How is that possible??? He is developmentally advanced, though (but we knew that, right?). He had to get 2 immunizations - one in each leg, which he did not care for, but he did great - only cried for about 10 seconds. I had given him tylenol about a half hour before his appointment so it would already be in his system - I think that helped. Jana, his day care provider, said she had to give him another dose this afternoon because she could tell he was hurting.

Thank goodness for Jana - she has been the most amazing gift - she adores Anthony and cares for him as if he was her own child or grandchild. And he LOVES going there - never gets upset or complains when I tell him we're going there, and is happy as a lark when he arrives.

That's all for now - Anthony's a bit on the cranky side tonight b/c of the shots.

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