Saturday, July 29, 2006


We're chillin' out in Venice again this weekend...we drove down last night. Do you know what it's like when you leave someplace and it's 110 degrees, and you arrive at your destination a couple hours later, and it's only 75? It's PURE BLISS! It's so much easier to withstand the heat all week when I know there will be relief on the weekend. I'm telling you, this heat has been making everyone so irritable and cranky!! Me included! October can't come soon enough - that's when it finally starts cooling down in the desert. I can handle the heat during the day if it cools off some at night, but when the LOW at night is 85 or 90, there's no relief.

Anthony is sitting here next to me, watching one of his beloved Elmo videos. He loves to sit on the couch as if he's a big person. He also has a newfound fascination with kid-sized chairs - loves them! He's so cute as he scoots his little butt backwards, closer and closer, until he can sit down on the chair with a look of triumph on his face. At home he has an Elmo stuffed chair he sits in - one day he even dragged it into the bathroom when I was sitting on the potty, so that he could sit in there with was adorable. Here in Venice, he has a little rocking chair which has been in Dan and Gloria's family for several generations. He loves to sit in it and make it rock back and forth.

Hoping to go to Borders later and take Anthony to the kids section - he's like a kid in a candy store when he sees all the books on the shelves. NOT because he loves books so much, but because one of his favorite pasttimes is to pull books off bookshelves!! HAHAHAHA...the store doesn't know what's coming!

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