Saturday, July 22, 2006

Let's get started

Well, I am brand new to we'll see how this goes. I will try my best to update this frequently so everyone can keep up on what we're doing. Right this minute, we're all in Venice, CA, with friends Dan and Gloria, a block from the ocean. It's beautiful here, though warm for this area - but NOTHING compared to the 120 degrees it was at home yesterday. Anthony, Gloria and I spent this afternoon on the beach, in and out of the water. Anthony fell asleep under the umbrella and took a nice nap while I played in the water and Gloria burned her legs. Meanwhile Darrell and Dan were playing with the Townhouse equipment, preparing for a band coming in to play tonight. I took some pictures of Anthony playing in the sand - will upload them when we get home - don't have the cord with me here.

So excited to see Emma, my sister Karen's new baby, on her blog tonight - adorable! I can't wait to meet her. She looks just like Karen did as a baby - I couldn't believe the resemblance! Check out the link to her website over on the right of mine - "Savage Family Blog" - to see the photos yourself!

Hugs, Jen

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