Monday, July 24, 2006

New things

Anthony's newest "game" so to speak is that he has discovered the joy of pretending. Already! I did not expect this for some time yet - I thought kids were older when they figured this out, but Anthony now pretends to eat. He pinches together the fingers on one hand, in the palm of his other hand, as if he is picking something up, then puts his fingers in his mouth and says, "Mmmm." If you're lucky enough to be around when he does this, he joyfully shares his pretend food with you, but expects you to show the same kind of enthusiasm that he does - "Mmmm, good!" Then he cracks up laughing as if this is the best game ever! He will also do it with a spoon if you give him one, pretending to scoop up something delicious out of a bowl, pie plate, or whatever other container he can get his hands on.

He also loves loves loves to run around naked before and/or after his bath...what kid doesn't? As long as he doesn't pee on the carpet, I suppose it's okay. He sure is cute! Ahhh...soon will start the days of tantrums...better enjoy the cuteness now!

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