Monday, November 19, 2007

29 weeks tomorrow!

I had an appointment with my OB today - all is well. He again reinforced, as his partner has repeatedly, that I will most likely have a c-section. He said if both babies were head-down, we could attempt a vaginal delivery, but alas, Mackenzie has never been head down, and they're getting pretty crowded in there, so I doubt she'll be turning. Thus, I also went ahead and signed the form for a tubal ligation - might as well get that taken care of while they're in there! Definitely won't be doing THIS again!!!

I also had an ultrasound at the peri's office and got to take a peek at the girls. They're both growing well - Baby A is weighing in at 2 lbs, 11 oz, and Mackenzie, true to form, is smaller, at 2 lbs, 7 oz. She's always been a little bit behind her sister (except in the naming department!). So I've got a little over 5 lbs of baby in me - no wonder I look and feel like I'm ready to pop! Baby A is head-down, and let me tell ya, her head is really DOWN there! They had a hard time even getting a good measurement on her head, it's so low. My bladder takes a constant beating. Mackenzie remains breech, sitting up with her head butting my stomah and rib cage - feels REALLY good, let me tell ya! The u/s tech tried to show us the faces on the 3D ultrasound, but there's just too many arms and legs moving around in there to get any good pics.

We had dinner from The Cheesecake Factory for my birthday dinner last week. It was so yummy! We had avocado egg rolls and fried calimari for appetizers. I had the luau salad, which I love, and a slice of sugar-free cheesecake for dessert. It was heaven! And my blood sugar didn't do too badly with all of that - of course, I had already told my diabetic nurse that I was throwing the diet out the window for my b'day dinner (other than the sugar free cheesecake). She was okay with that.

We're having a nice visit with my mom, who's been here for about 3 weeks now. Let me tell ya, the food is good! (Although I was already kind of spoiled b/c Darrell cooks quite a lot too, and he's also a good cook!) But mom has made some sugar-free desserts, which have indulged my intense cravings for sweets...mmmmm.... She made an apple cake, pumpkin bars, and chocolate mousse. We're getting a sugar-free cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory for Thanksgiving, and she's going to make a no-sugar-added apple and pecan topping for it - mmmm...., can't wait!!! She's also been making great headway on helping us sort and organize some clutter and get things arranged for when the girls arrive, which has been a HUGE help. I'm nesting in a big way, and it's driving me crazy that I can't get up and do what I want/need to do!

Mom's gonna help put up Christmas decorations this weekend, after Thanksgiving - a tradition. It will be hard to sit back and watch! I LOVE putting up Christmas decorations. I did find a couple ideas for homemade ornaments that we're gonna try, which I can do sitting down - that will be fun.

Only a few more weeks - can you believe it?!!

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Karen Savage said...

I wanna see some pics of the babies and of the new furniture!!!


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