Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Belated Turkey Day!!

Now that the enormous amounts of food have settled, I can take a minute to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!!

I don't know what T-day was like at your house, but I awoke to lots of yummy smells coming from the kitchen, where my mom was busy cooking up a storm. Darrell soon joined her, to get the meats going on the grill, and by the time we ate mid-afternoon, here was the menu:

Spinach-artichoke dip
Crab-corn soup
Smoked turkey
Grilled tri-tip steak
Sausage and apple stuffing
Giblet gravy
Potato casserole (compliments of Gloria Q-B)
Candied sweet potatoes
Roasted asparagus with prosciutto
Homemade cranberry sauce
Pumpkin pie with a pecan prailine layer
Regular pumpkin pie
Caramel-apple pie
Sugar free apple pecan cheesecake

It truly was a feast!!! Darrell's grill skills are incredible, and both the turkey and tri-tip were unbelievable. My mom did a great job making sugar-substitute alternatives for me on the cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and dessert. Between that and good portion control, my blood sugars fared quite well - an hour after the start of the meal, it was only 125 - I was very proud of myself!!

Our friends Dan, Gloria and their son Ryan joined us for the feast and football - I think Anthony may have learned some choice new words during the USC game!!! Hopefully "Boo-yah" is the only one he'll remember and repeat...hehehe...

We opted out (not like I had a choice) of the early-morning day-after-Thanksgiving shopping (though if you want to read a fun story about this - go to my sister's blog), and have just been having a relaxing, slow morning. It's finally cooled off here, and it's SOOOOO nice to be able to have the windows open and enjoy some fresh air. It's just not right to have to run the air condition on Thanskgiving evening!!!! Of course, we had leftovers for breakfast...yummy!

The plan for the rest of the weekend is for my mom to put up our Christmas decorations, while I give direction from the couch, of course! We actually have some clear ball ornaments to decorate - may work on that later today. I can't wait til all the decorations are up - I LOVE Christmas decorating!!!

Enjoy your long weekend, everyone!!

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