Saturday, November 03, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I am reclining here on my couch, sipping a cup of warm sugar-free chai tea from Trader Joe's (compliments of my friend Megan) - yay - at home!!! I got out of the hospital yesterday, after a miserable 4 days there. As I suspected they would, they admitted me right away on Tuesday and started me on mag sulfate again to stop the contractions. They also administered betamethasone, which are a round of steroid shots, to help the babies' lungs mature faster, just in case they did decide to arrive really early. For some reason, this 4 day stint seemed even harder than the previous 12-day stint I did there. I was just so ready to come home, and was so thankful when the doc said I could go. All in all, the test results were not too bad. The fetal fibronectin (which is a predictor of whether or not you will deliver in the next 2 weeks) was negative, my cervix remains closed (though shorter than it previously was), and the babies seem to be doing well in spite of all the contractions. They also did an abdominal ultrasound on me to check for any gallbladder/pancreas/liver problems, due to some pain and nausea I've been having, but all it showed was some "sludge" in my gallbladder. Apparently this can later turn into stones, but for now is nothing to be concerned about. I'm going to talk to my doc to see if there's anything I can do or drink/eat to help clear that out before it DOES become a problem (that's the last thing I need!).

Here's to hoping that the next time I have to see the inside of that hospital will be many weeks from now when I go to deliver!!! Thanks everyone for your continued prayers and support...I know God is taking care of these wee little ones and will protect them until it's their time to arrive.


Karen Savage said...

We prayed for you in my bible study yesterday, and one of the women told me as we were praying, she had a vision of a chain around your belly - like God was assuring her that he has those babies locked up tightly and is keeping them safe. She also said she didn't feel an "urgency" about your situation - which was funny, because that's how I've felt too - I've been praying all along, but have felt this confidence that despite everything you're going through, those babies aren't coming out until it's safe. I think you just need to relax and rest and trust that God is taking care of the rest. And don't let the stress and worry add to your complications....easier said than done, right:) Glad you're home - enjoy mom's visit!

Anonymous said...

Glad that you are home! We are praying for you as well. Try to
relax as much as possible and get some rest!

Anonymous said...

I have also been thinking about you and hoping everything was going well. Keep your chin up - you are getting there. Take Care!!!

Heather Gilmour


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