Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas 2008

Eventually, I will get all caught up on here! So, here are some more pics, this time from our visit with my sister, mom and grandma, and from Christmas.

My mom and Mackenzie - the look is because my mom and grandma had JUST arrived, and Mackenzie was a little of wary of the exuberant stranger who was snatching her out of mom's arms! :)

My grandma and Makayla

Gram and Mackenzie on Christmas Eve

My sister Kristina, Gram, Mom, and me on Christmas Eve, after church

Christmas morning, under the tree

"Santa" filled the stockings...Darrell's was too heavy and had to sit on the chair

My mom and Mackenzie Christmas morning

Anthony going through his stocking - he was so happy to get mittens and slippers!

Darrell going through his stocking - laughing at the Southwest Airlines peanuts Santa gave him!

Makayla helping daddy open his gift

Gram opening the apron I made for her using this free tutorial - it sews up quick (when your sewing machine cooperates!) and turned out very cute!! It makes a great gift!! (It's folded over in half in the pic, so you can't fully see it, and I didn't get any other pics of it - sorry!)

My sis Kristina on Christmas morning

The girlies in red on their first Christmas morning - first by 2 days!

Gotta love Makayla's toothy grin!

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