Thursday, January 15, 2009

Post-Op Day 4 - She's home!!!

Home...but still needs prayers for continued healing. Her temp when I put her to bed was 99.6, so still higher than we want it to be.

She ate really well this afternoon/evening, though...when she got home, she drank 3 oz of formula. Then she played for a while, then cuddled for a while. Then she was trying to attack Darrell when he was eating, so I put her in the highchair to offer some baby food...she scarfed down a jar of applesauce and part of a jar of green beans! Hungry baby!

She, unfortunately, has to wear arm splints to bed (well, really she's supposed to wear them all the time, but when she's awake, we can keep a better eye on her, so we don't make her wear them as much). She can't put her hands (or toys, or pacifiers, or cheerios, or get the picture) in her mouth, due to the danger of her damaging the sutures/repairs, so she has to sleep with the splints. I got her to sleep pretty easily...but when she wakes up and tries to turn over to her tummy, and her straight arms get in the way, I'm guessing she's gonna be mad!

Makayla was really happy to have me home today. I think she was a bit traumatized by my absence the last three days. Last night, she woke up at 2 a.m. and refused to sleep in her own bed the rest of the night...she had to be in my arms - not just in my bed, but IN MY ARMS the rest of the night, and she pretty much nursed off and on all night. Ever time she opened her eyes even a little crack, she'd cry out, "Mama, mama..." Poor baby. She needed LOTS of cuddling today.

My friend Heather brought us a yummy dinner of enchiladas, beans, salad, and flan. Mackenzie LOVED the flan!!! She ate almost an entire cup by herself! Everything was delicious!! Thank you, dear friend!!


Mills Memories said...

So glad she is home! Praying she heals quickly. She is such a trooper. I can't imagine all she has been though. Glad Makayla got some cuddle time today. I could tell she missed you on Tuesday so I am sure it was even worse by today!

Mama Parker said...

let me know if you need anything, Jen!

sounds like her appetite is back in full force. i'm sure it's nice to have the house back to normal, relatively, and have everyone back home together!

will she have to have any more surgeries, or is this it?


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