Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Surgery Update - Bad News

I have a heavy heart tonight. I took Mackenzie in for a follow-up with the plastic surgeon today. I mentioned my concern that there is a lot of milk and food coming through her nose when she eats, which alarmed him. He looked in her mouth and confirmed my fears - her palate has pulled apart. He was able to see for sure that it has pulled apart in the back, on the soft palate. He had a different angle than I did; I thought it looked like there was a hole in the front, right behind the teeth, too, but he wasn't able to see it, as Mackenzie was not cooperative. I suppose it doesn't really matter much at this point how extensive it is. The bottom line is that the repair failed, and she now has to repeat the surgery. The doctor said we have to wait for her tissue to heal and he wants to give her a chance to grow some more, so he said we won't do it for 6-8 months.

I know that somehow, this is all of God's plan, but it's hard to understand why she has to go through all of this again.


.:Heather:. said...

I'm so sorry, Jen. My heart is aching for you & sweet Mackenzie!

I don't know God's reasons for this either...but we have to trust His plan is the best.

I am praying for you!

Jess said...

Hiya Jen-
I'm so glad you commented and am so thrilled to be reading about your family. Isn't that a strange thing to say? I'm NOT thrilled we are both in this boat, but man, is it nice to know we're not alone. :) I'm so sorry that Mackenzie has to repeat the palate surgery. I'm glad you get a little break, but I know it must be rough in the mean time to feed/eat a baby who needs to grow!!

Your girls are just beautiful.


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