Sunday, January 11, 2009

Surgery tomorrow

Edited to change surgery time.

While it seems as though her last surgery was just yesterday (though it was actually in September), our sweet little Mackenzie is headed in for her second surgery tomorrow morning. This time she will have her cleft palate repaired, as well as some further work done on the outside of her right ear (where she previously had a couple skin tags removed). I'm not sure of all the details of how the surgery is actually done, but the surgeon said it will take 3 to 3.5 hours. We have to check in at 7:00 a.m., and her surgery is scheduled for 8:20 a.m. How long she is in the hospital after surgery will depend on her recovery...hopefully it will go better than the last time. The doc did inform Darrell at the pre-op appointment that the poor baby will have a stitch through her tongue, attached to her cheek, for the first 24 hours after surgery. I just can't imagine how mad that's going to make her - she has quite a temper these days!!

Specifically, here is what I've been praying and would ask you to join me in praying for-
  • that the doctors would have wisdom and the skills they need during the surgery
  • that Mackenzie would respond well to the anesthesia, and that she would wake up easily and without side effects
  • that the pain medications would be effective and that Mackenzie will have minimal discomfort during her recovery
  • that Mackenzie will be calm and without agitation during her recovery
  • that she will be free of any infection going into surgery, and that she will remain infection free during the recovery
  • that Mackenzie will adapt well to whatever method of eating the doctor prescribes and will take in adequate fluids and food so that her hospitalization does not have to be prolonged due to poor intake
  • that we will have nurses who will ADORE our little girl and love her as if she is their own!!
  • that if there are any problems, the doctors will be open to our suggestions, recognizing that as her parents, we know our daughter best
I will send out mass text messages with updates tomorrow. If you don't get one, I probably don't have your cell number! Feel free to call the house or my mom or sister for an update if you aren't receiving the texts. My sister-in-law will be here at the house with Anthony and Makayla.

Aren't the pink sweater dresses just too cute?! Birthday gifts from my sister Karen. :)

Thanks for your prayers and support, everyone!!


joannabug said...

Praying for y'all!

.:Heather:. said...

thanks for the updates! I am continuing to pray!

Karen said...

They look so precious in the dresses!!! I knew they would sweet girls:)


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