Saturday, May 23, 2009

A day at the beach

First off, I'm sorry for my silence. I've had some terrible flu bug for the past couple weeks. It's actually gone through the whole family, but I definitely got it the worst, and am still hanging onto it a little bit. The cough just won't go away!! But I'm certainly feeling better now than I was a week and a half ago...there were a few days in there that I really couldn't function at all. It was rough going for a while.

But now we are in San Diego for a nice long weekend, and the weather is GORGEOUS! It was actually a little on the chilly side today, which was a nice change from the awful heat we've been having at home. We spent today at the beach in Mission Bay Park, with some friends.

The girls stayed up the entire day. No nap. You can see Makayla rubbing her eyes. They were sooo sleepy. Hopefully they will sleep okay tonight! Makayla ran around so much she should. That little girl has no fear. None. If I had let her, she would have run right out into the water, shoes and clothes on, not holding my fear. She just wanted to run. She was so insistent about going to the water, I did finally take off her dress and shoes and let her walk in, where she stood for a minute, walked back out, and immediately got mad because the wind made her shiver and get goosebumps. She didn't try to go in the water anymore, though.

Anthony got to go on his first boat ride. Our friend Tamekia's uncle brought his boat, so Darrell and Anthony took a ride. If you look closely, you can see them sitting up in the front of the boat. Darrell said Anthony got a little gun-shy right as they were about to get on the boat, but once he was on it, he enjoyed the ride.

I think tomorrow we are headed either to the zoo or to Sea World...not sure yet. For now, I'm off to take some cough syrup and get some sleep.


becky @ misspriss said...

Welcome to San Diego! The weather has been beautiful - perfect for being outdoors. I hope you enjoy your time here. :)

Mills Memories said...

Looks like you are having a blast! So glad you were still able to go! I know after the past few weeks you have had you needed a getaway.


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