Thursday, June 04, 2009

My camera will be cozy

I hate fishing around in my purse - my big, must take everything I might ever need in case of an emergency with me purse - to find my camera, every time there is a photo-worthy moment...only to have that moment disappear long before said camera is located.

So, before we set out on our summer vacation, I decided I must solve this problem. I turned to my loyal friend, Dr. Google, searched for "camera cozy tutorial," and found a couple to choose from. This is the one I opted for, though I did alter it by adding the neck strap (so PROUD of myself for figuring that out, getting it to end up on the right side, too!!!).

The fabrics I used are both from Melissa Averinos' Sugar Snap line - LOVE them!!! So bright and yummy! The crocheted trim was just something I had in my stash, and it matched perfectly.

After I made this one, Anthony, of course, insisted that he needed one for HIS camera (my old digi camera that doesn't close anymore). So I acquiesced and altered the pattern to make it a bit larger to accomodate the non-closing lens, and made his out of Thomas the Tank Engine fabric. He loved it, and I'm sure will wear it everywhere we go.

OH - and I totally missed it - but my last post? Was my 300th post!!!!! Can you believe it?! I should have done something really cool and fun...alas...I'm busy healing a broken rib and sewing and all that fun stuff!! Maybe for my 400th...or 500th...


Crafty Mom said...

How incredibly cute!!!! It looks like a little purse! Love, love, love the fabric!!!

Sally said...

Very cute! You have such great fabric to use for making all of your cool stuff!

I went and read the tutorial and I even like the tutorial, so I may make one for my iPod or something!


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