Tuesday, June 02, 2009

New Year's Resolution, Part 2

I'm not usually big on New Year's Resolutions, mainly because I never stick to them. But this year I made two. The first was to learn how to knit, and I actually started on it Christmas day...and by New Years Day, was well on my way to crossing it off my list. By now, I've finished several knitted objects, and can confidently say that goal was met.

My second resolution was to make a quilt. I just started sewing late last year, when my sweet husband bought me a sewing machine and I taught myself how to sew. I really never had an interest in quilting, until I started seeing quilts made with such gorgeous, modern fabrics, and now I'm in love! Seeing as it's now June, I figured it was probably time to get going on my quilt, or this resolution wasn't going to happen.

So last night, I decided to just dive in...no pattern, no plan, really, other than knowing that this one piece of fabric is my inspiration and will be the "centers" for each of my "scrappy" quilt blocks. I'm not using any specific design or pattern for the blocks, but each block will be 9" square. I haven't even decided how big the quilt will be...but I'm thinking it will be for the couch, so like a throw-size...big enough to wrap up in on a chilly night.

So this was my first quilt block EVER. I truly LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out. I can't stop looking at it, honestly. It makes me happy.

And the first one was so fun, I couldn't stop, and so I made a second! I don't think I love the second one *quite* as much as the first, but I still love it. I would have liked to have had a few more blues and reds to add to it, I think...trying to go with the colors of the center piece...but I had to work with what I've got. Anyway, I still think it's beautiful.

I can't wait to do more now!!! And it's kind of fun not knowing how it's all going to turn out in the end!


Sally said...

I absolutely LOVE your quilt blocks! You are amazing!

Jen Clark said...


Mills Memories said...

Love the birds and the colors!!!

barbara said...

I just love seeing your ideas come to life. Can't wait to see the final masterpiece!

Bekah's World said...

Those blocks are adorable!!!


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