Saturday, November 13, 2010

My big news!

Okay, so I mentioned a couple posts ago that I was going to have some SUPER DUPER exciting news to share with you all.  And I DO.  In fact, this news is SO exciting, that I now need...






Party of FIVE

no longer describes my family!!!

We are now SIX.  And I don't mean that I'm pregnant (that would be pretty darn amazing in and of itself, seeing as how I had a hysterectomy earlier this year - I mean, that would probably get me on some kind of talk show, right?!).  I mean, literally, we have a fresh, new baby boy in our home!   It's SUPER exciting and crazy fun, and while I can't share all of the exact details, you CAN read more about it on my NEW family blog at Six by Grace.

In the meantime, I need a new name HERE.  But I'm drawing a blank.  Party of Six just doesn't sound...right. It falls flat on my ears.  I need something more creative. me out.  Throw some new creative names out at me!!

And...that's not ALL of the news!

I get to let you in on two additional bits of crafty excitement!!

First, I've been asked to be a Guest Designer for the month of December over at The (Paper) Trail Makers Challenge Blog!!  I am super excited about this opportunity to work with Karen and the rest of the team over there!  Check out her store, The Paper Trail, and the awesome kit club she has available (and for an awesome price, too!).  The November kit looks GORGEOUS - and I cannot wait to see what's in store for the December kit!!  Make sure you come on over to the blog and join in on the challenges - even if you don't purchase the kit - and enter for a chance to win some great prizes!!

Second, I have been invited to join (and accepted!) the design team for Consumer Crafts/Crafts Unleashed!!!       I am incredibly excited about this new adventure, which is also to begin in December.  If you've never checked out Crafts Unleashed, you are in for a treat!  Whether you need inspiration for a project, want to find a review on the latest crafty tools, or want to learn how to use the tools you've already got, Crafts Unleashed is the place to be!  And if you've never shopped at Consumer Crafts - you have been spending too much!!!  I am constantly checking prices of products against theirs, and am always pleasantly surprised by their lower prices.  Make sure you sign up to follow them on Facebook and Twitter, as well - because they are always running specials, especially on shipping!

So as you prepare to delve into your holiday projects this year, I hope you'll find some great inspiration, both here, and at these great sites!!

And don't forget - leave me a comment with some suggestions for a new name!!!  :)

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silvia said...

Congrats Jen!! How exciting!!
How does "Clark six pack " sound?


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