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Today, on Party of Five, I'm sharing with you a simple, beautiful holiday project using the new Tim Holtz Sizzix rosette die.  This die is all the rage right now (isn't EVERYTHING Tim all the rage?!), but I've seen many people with questions on how to use I'm going to demonstrate not only how simple it is to use, but how you can create a wonderful garland of these gorgeous rosettes!  Keep in mind that while I used Christmas papers for mine, you could use ANY papers to make this garland, and it would jazz things up for any occasion - holidays, birthdays, baby showers, etc.

Start off by selecting several pieces of coordinating 12x12 cardstock.  Be sure to use double-sided cardstock, as the rosettes tend to twist and turn on the cord, so you will want both sides looking pretty!

Next, cut the cardstock into 2" wide strips.  I used my heavy-duty paper cutter to make this task quick.

Now you should have a stack of 2"x12" strips of cardstock.  Aren't they pretty?

Now you'll need your rosette die.

My die-cutting machine is a Sizzix Big Kick.  Depending on what machine you have, the "sandwich" may be slightly different than mine, so always check the specific instructions for your machine.  The rosette die is a long (13") Sizzlets die - i.e. it is a thin die - so for the Big Kick, I first need a 13" long spacer, then a 13" long cutting mat, then I place the die with the blades up, then I place a strip of cardstock on the die, and finally, I place the second cutting mat on top.  This is what it looks like from the side.

Next, run the "sandwich" through your machine, per your machine's instructions.  I found that with this particular set-up, the die tended to slide on my bottom cutting mat, so I used a bit of scotch tape to hold the die in place on the cutting mat. 

This is what you will have when it has run through the machine - one center piece, and a long strip with one scalloped edge, one straight edge, and perforations every 1/4 inch or so.

To assemble the rosette, start with one end of the long piece, and begin accordion-folding it, back and forth.  Be gentle - remember, there are perforations, which are basically small cuts, in the cardstock, so you don't want to be too rough.

After folding the entire piece, you will need to join the two ends together, to form a cylinder.  The die cuts the cardstock so that after folding, a valley will fit into a peak perfectly.  After making LOTS of these rosettes, I can say that Glossy Accents is my adhesive of choice for joining the ends together.  It dries quickly and holds very well.  

Before continuing the assembly process, you will need one additional piece of cardstock - a circle for the back of the rosette.  The die does not provide this for you, but any paper punch will work just fine.  I used a 1 1/4" circle punch and some solid red scraps of cardstock for my back pieces, but you could also use the same cardstock you are using for the rosettes.  You could even run small pieces through the die-cutting machine on the die, just placing the scrap over the center piece - and then your rosette would be completely reversible.

While Glossy Accents works GREAT for the first part of assembling the rosette - for the rest of assembly, you will need to pull out your...wait for might have to go digging in your garage for it...HOT GLUE GUN!  Yes, that's right.  I know that for some of you, the hot glue gun is a thing of the WAAAY distant past...and you may not even know where yours is.  But I promise you, if you you want your rosettes to turn out well, and to stick the first time and STAY, you will need a hot glue gun.  (Note - even Tim Holtz himself has now said that the hot glue gun is the way to go for this part, so I'm not actually alone in my strong feelings about this. ;p)

So, now that you've found it, take your back circle of cardstock, and put a big glop of hot glue on it.  (Tip: I am working here on a craft sheet - if you don't own one, you NEED one!  Nothing sticks to them - you can pour paint right on them and use as a palette - they are heat resistant, so they are great for things like hot glue guns and melt art, and there are tons of fun inky things you can do with them.)

Next, you will put your cylinder of folded cardstock around your circle of hot glue, with the scalloped side DOWN.  With your fingers, gently squeeze on either side of the cylinder, gathering the folds, and push the entire center of the cylinder down onto the glop of hot glue.  Hold it down with your finger for a couple seconds to make sure the glue has grabbed onto the cardstock.  (Tip: If you find that you've pushed your rosette down, and it's wonky, or the back is WAY off center, you can use a heat gun on the back to re-melt the glue to give you some play-time, to move the backing around or re-arrange the folds.  Trust me.)

Next, apply some hot glue to the back of your center piece, and place it on the front of your rosette, and you now have a completed, beautiful rosette!

Lather, rinse, repeat...and you, too, can have a whole platter of beautiful rosettes!

Don't they just look so yummy?!  I LOVE them!  (Wait - did you notice what's UNDER the gold platter? Yes, that right there, my friends, is a copy of Donna Salazar's AWESOME Musical Memories.  WHAT?!  You don't know about Musical Memories?!  For shame!  Keep reading...and wait 'til we get to the prizes!)

That stripey rosette is one of my favorites, I think - I ended up with a lot of pictures of it!!

After making your rosettes, you can either leave them as they are, or you can choose to embellish them in any number of ways.  I chose to just add some highlights to a few rosettes - some got a touch of silver using my silver Adirondack Paint Dabber, and some got a bit of vintage shimmer with my Rock Candy Distress Stickles (one of my absolute faves!).  

Okay, next, after you've made oodles of rosettes and embellished them as you see'll need to decide how you plan to hang them.  There are plenty of ways to do so...and here are some of the things I hemp, red embroidery floss, natural hemp, white paper twine...but I eventually settled on silver cord.  It seemed the most festive to me, and added a bit of sparkle to the garland.  If I had gone with more grunge-looking rosettes, I would have chosen something different, probably.

In order to hang the rosettes, you'll need to punch two holes on each rosette, one on either side opposite each other.  I used a paper-punching mat and a paper-piercing tool to make my holes.  The Tim Holtz Retractable Craft Pick would work great for this as well.  A regular hole punch doesn't work so well, as it is difficult to get into the right place, and it sort of smooshes the folds in the rosette (I tried).

Then, string your cord through the front of one hole, and back up through the second hole, so that the cord goes behind the rosette.

At one end, after leaving a long enough tail to be able to use for hanging your garland (12-18 inches should be  good), tie a double knot, to prevent the rosettes from sliding off.  Then, start positioning your rosettes as close or far apart from each other as you desire.  I allowed about 1/2" of cord in between each of my rosettes. 

Once you start getting your rosettes positioned along the garland, you can choose to either let them be "free," (to slide around), or you can secure them in place.  I chose to add a small piece of transparent scotch tape to the backs of each of my rosettes, holding the rosette to the cord so they would not slide and would remain evenly spaced.  

Once your garland is as long as you'd like it to be, tie a knot at the other end, and remember to leave enough cord at that end for hanging, as well.'re finished!  For my garland, I used 26 rosettes, and the garland is about 75" of rosettes, plus another 25" or so combined at the ends - making it perfect for a mantle or entry-way.  Here, I'm demonstrating on a railing...(as I obviously have no other Christmas decorations up yet...tee hee...).  

So there you have it - the Tim Holtz rosette garland!  I hope you've enjoyed this, and if you make one of your own, I'd love a link so I can see it!  

Now...I know you're wondering...

So what are the prizes?!?

10 Holiday Card Kit from Hydrangea Hippo

Vintage Christmas Embellishment Assortment from Hydrangea Hippo

A Handmade Journal by Donna Salazar 

Musical Memories from Donna Salazar's paper collection (REMEMBER - I told you above that you'd see this again!)

An assortment of Glittered Chipboard Embellishments and Alphabets from Desert Scrappers Retreats

Just follow the instructions above to find out how to enter for your chance to win one of these great prizes from Art-full Horizons!!

*** at Party of Five, I will also be having a giveaway at the end of the week!!  I will be posting throughout the week, from now through November 7, various posts about holiday projects, recipes, traditions, and memories.  On November 8, I will choose TWO winners of surprise grab bags filled with goodies to get you in the holiday spirit.  How do you enter?  Several ways!  You will get one entry for each comment you leave (one per blog post).  You will get another entry by becoming a follower of my blog (if you are already following, just let me know) and leaving a comment letting me know you are following.  You can get another entry by posting about this tutorial on YOUR blog, and leaving me a comment with a link to your blog.  Make sure you check back on November 8 to see if YOU are a winner!!***

Happy Hopping!!

The next blog on your hop will be Jennifer Edwardson

Thank you for participating - comments have been disabled and winners will be announced soon!!


deb said...

That is adorable!! You make it look so easy. :) Thanks for stopping by, Jen. Hope you're all doing well.

Scrappy Nan said...

i have this die and haven't used it i better get going! great project!

Jen said...

Super cuteness! I love making these little rosettes. I make mine without the die (just cutting and scoring before folding) They look fab on everything!
THANK YOU for sharing

Jennifer Priest said...

Gorgeous project--love the tutorial. So festive and fun!

Lisa Mala6 said...

Love the tut and your garland is to die for. thanks

Anne said...

This is a GREAT project! I can't wait to get all my stuff out and make one for the holidays. Anne, yourmainestamper

hiscrappergirl said...

ok that is adorable. you girls are killing me!! LOL!! more and more projects getting added to the list :)

Lisa in MI said...

I love it! Thanks for making such an easy to follow tutorial. I'm on my way to add a link to your blog! I also just followed you!

Look here:

Michelle Cummings said...

super cute! thanks for posting such a fun idea!

Anonymous said...

Love the flowers , garland!

thanks for sharing.


Leslie Kiley said...

I love your garland project! so cute and fun for the holidays!

sandi collins said...

thanks for the tutorial, it helped to kick start my prajects. love the garland

Sandi M said...

This is such a creative use of Tim's rosette die. I am going to have lots of long scraps left from the December Daily I do. Those scraps will be perfect for this!

Sandi M said...

Now, I'm a follower as well. I'll be back after I do a post and link you in :)

shari said...

What a great project, thanks for the tutorial. I'm following you now. Shari (cricutrookie)

Anonymous said...

This is SO cool! I just ordered the rosette die and looking for great ideas to use it. I can't WAIT to get the die and try this! Thank you so much for sharing; your tutorial is awesome.

paddy said...

That rosette garland is just totally fabulous. I think I may have to try that myself. Thanks for tutorial


inge said...

Hello Jen,

thanks for sharing your idea and tutorial of the rosette garland !

I love how you explained everything in photos with a bit of text. Even a new crafter will be able to make this garland thanks to you !

I have the rosette die too and tried it out as soon as I got it, but I have not made lots of rosettes. Your project inspires me to do so !

I even think I'm going to use it with my mentally handicapped children. We always have a christmas market with selfmade stuff in december.
If I let the children draw on paper i can use this as my decorated paper and a garland made by this will be gorgeous !

Thanks for sharing
greetings from belgium

Angie Smith said...

I am a rosette lover and I really like yours!!! I follow your blog....and love it! I am on your mailing list for updates and follow you on FB.


Stephanie Rodgers said...

What a great idea!

Elaine said...

came over from AllThingsTim! great instructions. you did good girl!

Lillian Child said...

Thanks so very much for the rosettes tutorial!! I have been seeing these around on different blogs so your "visual" was very helpful to me - I think I could actually make a few of these for my cards! Your garland turned out just beautiful!

silvia said...

Scrumptious rossettes!!!I LOVE the striped one too.
I saw this die at Archivers the other day, but didn't buy it. After seeing your garland~ I NEED that die!! And absolutely everyone NEEDS a craft sheet. I have one of each size.

Jenn said...

This is such a charming garland, very vintage vibe. I have this die too and love playing with it.

A Scrap Above said...

This is simply beautiful!
TFS and a chance to win
Bonnie C
ascrapabove at aol dot com

Cindy K. said...

thanks for posting this tutorial. Your garland is beautiful! My favorite is the striped one also. It reminds me of Christmas candy! Nice job!

Sue said...

Great tutorial! The rosette can be a little hard to master then it's a snap! Love, love, love the garland. could you see it over the top of a big present as well? Thanks for taking the time to share! Sue

Leslie said...

Just had to tell you....after seeing your rosette garland, I gave up trying to talk myself out of getting the die. Got it ordered, got the Christmas paper out and I'm ready to go as soon as it shows up in my mailbox! Thanks for the inspiration!!

cjsimplyscraps said...

this was how i found out about the blog favorite is the striped too.awesome garland!!


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