Sunday, December 19, 2010

New blog name!!

Well, friends, if you've been reading along, you know that "Party of Five" was no longer a good fit for my family has now grown by one precious little boy.    AND, I have decided that I'm going to pretty much focus THIS blog on my crafty endeavors, and do my family blogging on my new blog -  So...I've been brainstorming for several weeks, trying to come up with some sort of clever new name for this blog, and I'm telling ya - nothing was coming to me!!

I was talking on the phone with a new friend a couple nights ago, and we were mulling around ideas surrounding the idea of "distress," since I love distress ink, distressing paper, distressed projects...etc.  And I did list out several ideas along those lines.

But then, this morning, it just hit me.  I was thinking about what all my friends call me.  Seriously.  All of them.  When they introduce me to their moms, or their husbands, or their friends who I've never met's ALWAYS, "This is my crafty friend Jen."  My crafty friend Jen.  Hmm....

And thus, my new blog name.  I know - a really clever name, eh?  But I'll be the first to admit, coming up with clever names just isn't my strong suit.  And hey - how hard will it be to remember "My Crafty Friend Jen?"  ;)  I think we may have stumbled on to something here!!

In other news - I still owe a couple of you some goodies - I haven't forgotten about you, I promise!!  They are just buried in the disaster that is my studio right now.  That's on tomorrow's list of things to do!

And check back this week - I'll be posting my final project as a guest design team member for the Paper Trail team - and if I do say so myself, it turned out SUPER cute!!  You'll definitely want to come back to check it out on Thursday!!

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