Thursday, January 13, 2011

I want to live in her studio!

I know I have a wonderful crafty studio.  I do.  But sometimes I look at it and think, "This really is just a little TOO clean and neat and white and organized for me."  Seriously. needs to be grunged up and definitely needs more flair...but that's a whole project for another day.  Today...I'm laying on the couch, head pounding, throat raw, coughing, sniffling...doing that "couch mommy-ing" thing where you just try to keep all the kids from killing each other until hubby gets home.  And feeling so thankful that he has 3 day weekends every weekend!

Anyway, as I was THIS studio...this studio is one I just want to hop right into.  Seriously.  The pictures just call out to me.  See that row of jars in the background, on the little shelf?  (You might have to click to zoom the photo to really see them well.)  They look like they are filled with wonderful little bits and baubles...scrabble tiles, bingo markers, and who knows what other goodies are hidden within...but I would LOVE to see!!  And PLAY!!  Look at all those beautiful charms she's made for the All Things Tim charm swap!!  Gorgeous!!

And right now, Barbara is having an awesome giveaway, including some fantastic Tim stuff, among other goodies...even some mystery goodies, to celebrate her one-year blogoversary!!!  All you need to do is click that link to get the details.

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