Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Alcohol Inks and PolyShrink - Just playing around!

Stamp by Stampin' Up!

Just wanted to post these really quick - I've been playing around with some clear PolyShrink (by Lucky Squirrel) and alcohol inks.  This one, I stamped with Jet Black Staz-on on one side, then colored using alcohol inks and a water-brush filled with blending solution on the other side; once dry, I heated using my heat gun to shrink it.  I just love the outcome!! 

This one, I colored using alcohol inks and an ink blending tool with felt; then I flipped the piece over and used a fine-tipped black Sharpie to draw lines in to make it look like a stained-glass window.

When they are held up to the window, you can see that the ink remains translucent.  You can also see that I got a few finger prints on the bottom one, because I touched it before it was completely cool.  I need to perfect my heating method and figure out exactly what to use to press them down after I heat them (when they heat, they curl up, and while they mostly straighten back out, they need to be flattened with a block or something to get completely flat after heating) to avoid unintended impressions.

Not really sure what I will do with these (if anything); just playing for now, because I've never played with these before...but I can see some really cool embellishment ideas in the future!!

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