Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Freezer Paper Stenciling with Plaid Fabric Paint

Have you ever done freezer paper stenciling???  You haven't????  It is SO FUN, and SO ADDICTIVE!!  Really, trust me, once you try it, you won't want to stop!  It is SO easy, and the results turn out so great, they look like they are professionally done.  I'm not going to re-write the instructions here, because you can google it and find dozens of tutorials for the why re-write it?  Check out this one...why this one?  No other reason than because there are LOTS of pretty samples at the end!  

When Shelia came to visit, she brought some onesies for Jeremiah, so we decided to add some fun characters to a couple of them.  I did a turtle on the front of one, and she did some bears on the bum of another.  We used Plaid Fabric paint and Plaid paint dabbers.  I cut the designs in the freezer paper using my Cricut - sooo much easier than cutting designs using a craft knife!

Is he seriously not the cutest turtle EVER?!

Now my girls are asking for butterflies and cupcakes and princesses and all kinds of girly things!!


Sarah Forhan said...

The turtle is absolutely adorable. And yes, it is the cutest turtle I have ever seen!

Linda B said...

Jen, your turtle is darling... love the smile. Thanks for the link.

Sally said...

This little turtle guy is adorable! I think that I might have to try some freezer paper stenciling over the summer.


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