Monday, March 21, 2011

Friends and Family Event at Consumer Crafts!'re ALL my friends and family, right?  Right???!!  Of course you are!

Well, since you are...I wanted to just let you know about a special savings event coming up in a few days at Consumer Crafts!  You know that I'm on the design team for Crafts Unleashed, the project blog for Consumer Crafts...well, from March 24 - March 27, Consumer Crafts is going to share the love with all of YOU too!

That's right...from March 24 - March 27, you too can receive 25% off all your purchases from Consumer Crafts!!  Just enter the promo code "FRIEND2011" at checkout to receive your discount.  

And, just to give you an Consumer Crafts, the Cricut cartridges are 40% off of Michaels and Jo-Ann's everyday prices, already!  So, imagine getting ANOTHER 25% off!  What a deal!

So head on over there and check it out...and load up on all your craft supplies!  Just remember - the promotion doesn't start until Thursday!!

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