Friday, October 24, 2008

Baby blocks and a tree...and a blog overhaul

I finally finished the last part of the baby shower gift for Darrell's co-worker. I am LOVING this set of three squeezably soft baby blocks!! I adore these Sandi Henderson fabrics, a combination from her Ginger Blossom and Farmer's Market lines. I threw the pacifier in there just to show the size of the blocks. The smallest is a 3-inch cube, and the largest is a 5-inch cube. I have pieces cut to make a second set to put up for sale on my etsy site, whenever I can get a chance to sew them!!

This little tree was just something fun I did for the kids to play with. I keep seeing all these adorable little forest creatures and stuffies all over on etsy and online boutiques...trees, mushrooms, owls, birds, etc. They are just too cute. I found some old felt (and I do mean old - like bought at least 7 years ago!!) in an old craft bin in the garage, so I free-hand drew the tree parts on the felt (with some online inspiration) and cut them out. I used pinking shears to cut out little leaves from some fabric scraps, and stitched them onto the tree. Anthony was so funny...he loved watching the process as I made it, and when it was done, he could hardly contain his glee. "Mama," he exclaimed, "It's SOOOOOO cuuuuute!!!" :) The girls took turns with it today - Mackenzie just holding it and looking at it very intently, and Makayla, of course, eating it. At any rate, I think it was a hit with all 3 kiddos.

And as you can see, I did some overhaulin' here in blogland. I promise you I could NEVER be a computer programmer. I've been sitting here for the past 3 hours or so, figuring out which template to use and then adjusting code to work with what I needed to do...and I swear my eyes are going crossed!! When I started out, I was merely attempting to change the background color on the blog. I liked the old graphics and such, but I just couldn't get used to that funky kind of pink-mauvy color. But as it turns out, it wasn't just a background color in the code; it was an actually picture file repeated all through the blog, and with my VERY limited knowledge and no access to a Photoshop program, there really wasn't anything I could do about that. So I had to start over. So let me know what you you like it? The cool thing with this layout is that I can change the header picture/background without having to change the whole template - yay!!


Sally said...

I like the new layout, except that I have to scroll all the way down past all of the "side-bar" stuff to get to the actual posts. I don't know if it is just me, or what.

Jen Clark said... doesn't show up like that on my computer...anyone else having that problem???

.:Heather:. said...

I like it a lot!

My only complaint is that I can't see the comments unless I click on post a comment.

The BLOCKS & TREE are A..DOR...A..BLE!

Louise said...

I want a set of the blocks!!! I had ABC blocks like this when Adam was a baby and he had fun throwing them at me!! Seriously, if you can get your hands on some cupcake material, which I saw some on E-Bay (I will even buy it)..I am sending a cupcake themed baby shower gift to my cousin next month..message me and let me know what you can do!! I think it would be so cute coordinated with Minky Dot or flannel soft material..

About the website.. I love the pumpkins at the top! I did not see any topics or photos on your blog until I clicked on the topics on the right.. and the fonts were huge.. I have an MSN browser..

Louise said...

OK it took awhile for the blog and photos to come into the left side, but they did..Posting comments does terrible things to my computer..It opens in a IE window and literally freezes up my computer for about 5 minutes until it loads..


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