Friday, October 03, 2008


Welcome, company girls!! Grab a cup and have a seat! We don't have any big plans for the weekend...whew! After a tiring couple weeks, maybe some down-time is what we need around here!!

This week, Rachel Anne had us thinking about a mission statement for our homes. I still haven't written it out...(you can read my last post for an overview of my week), but I have pondered it a lot. I want our home to be a true sanctuary, a place of safety and refuge for our family; a place where our children will always know love and acceptance, discipline and forgiveness; a place where friends can come to find fellowship, a shoulder, a smile, good food, laughter, kleenex...whatever they need. I want our home to not be a museum, untouchable, but to be organized and functional, comforting, welcoming, and lived-in. I want it to be a place where creativity is nurtured and encouraged, where learning is fun, and where contentment is found in the simple things. I want the joy of the Lord to not be stifled by the things in our house. I want our home to be a true sanctuary.

If you would like more ideas about creating sanctuary, head on over to Home Sanctuary and check out Rachel Anne's wonderful ideas.


Claudia said...

Jen, Looks like you wrote out your mission statement just fine right here on your post.

I love that you want your home to be a sanctuary for your own family as well as for anyone else who needs a "safe" place.

Mama to a Princess said...

Love it! :-)

Roy, Kristi, Hannah, Bethany and Abigail said...

perfect Jen! My thoughts and wishes put into wonderful words!


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