Monday, October 13, 2008

More fall fun

I'm playing catch-up from last week. I had a craving last week for something apple-y and custard-y, and apple clafouti fit the bill perfectly!! (Of course, I forgot to sprinkle on the powdered sugar before I took this picture!!) It was a delicious warm treat, kind of a cross between a custard and a bread pudding.

With so much of my attention focused on sick babies last week, Anthony was doing his share of attention-seeking (read: annoying and at times, downright dangerous!) behaviors. So I made sure to work in some fun one-on-one time during rare twin naps. I found this great site where we were able to print off pumpkins and all the assorted decorations to cut out and glue together, which he really enjoyed. Then, the next day, we did some wax-resist painting - where you draw a picture in white crayon, then use watercolor paints over it. We both actually had fun doing that...I forgot how much fun that can be!!

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Louise & Erik :) said...

Thanks... Erik and I created the pumpkins by printing the patterns on construction paper..I have wanted to get into halloween decorating with him and this was very helpful and as we created them together it really brought alot of fun to our decorating! Also did not have to buy anything!


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