Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vintage music yumminess!

A couple weeks ago, I asked my mom if she had any vintage sheet music or hymnals that I could use for crafting, and she said she was pretty sure that both she and my grandma had some that they could pass on to me.  A few days ago, I received a nice sized box of total vintage fact, some of the contents are SO wonderfully vintage, I almost feel bad actually USING them for anything!!  This first hymnal, in particular, was one of those items...when I touched it, I felt like I was touching a piece of history, something handed down through the generations of my family, and I'm still undecided if I'm going to be able to tear the pages out or cut them up to use in my crafting.  When you see some of the pictures, you'll understand why, I think!

I'll apologize in advance...I'm not going to type much more...but this will be a VERY pic-heavy post...because I just couldn't stop snapping photos of all the wonderful music my mom sent me!  Some of the Christmas carols had such lovely vintage covers/pictures, and some of the other music had such wonderful song titles, great copyright dates, and/or such nicely yellowed pages!  Hope you enjoy as much as I did!


I love this one in particular, because we still sing this hymn - and did you notice the copyright date on this hymnal???  It amazes me that my great-grandparents sang this song too!  I will never sing this song again without thinking about the words differently!

35 cents?!


This is actually a Christmas postcard...and a Christmas carol book.


So there you have it...pretty cool, huh?  Can't wait to make some fun rosettes and other fun flowers with the music!!  Should be fun to make some cool Christmas ornaments and other things using the Christmas music!


Karen said...

Ok so this is how bad my mommy brain is...when you posted a status a few days ago about getting "vintage music" and how old some of it was, this was my thought process..."I wonder what a record from the 1700's looks like. Wait - I didn't think they even had records back then. What in the world is she talking about? And when the heck did Jen get into listening to music from the 1700's?" LOL!!! Now I'm dork-slapping myself as I realize it was SHEET music! DUH!!!!

Karen said...

Ok and actually I guess you said 1800's but whatever :) And btw - I agree - I'm not sure you can tear up some of that stuff!!!


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