Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Whine and Tears

Are children born with a special whining tone that is created at just the right decibel level and tone to grate on the parents' nerves? I think so. I have read in parenting magazines that the average toddler cries for about 2 hours out of the day. Sometimes I think mine saves it all up for the evening time, a special gift just for me. I pick him up from daycare, where Jana tells me what an angel boy he is. Then we walk in the door at home, and he turns into a completely different child for a couple hours. Perhaps he is punishing me for leaving him all day? My friend (who has no children) tried to make me feel bad the other day because I admitted I don't fix my son breakfast in the morning; instead, I let him eat at daycare, where he often gets bad-carb cereal or sugar-filled pop-tarts. Maybe THAT'S what it is. I don't know, but it definitely has taught me patience.

Of course, then he turns on the tears. I mean, big huge crocodile tears in those beautiful gigantic brown eyes of his with the extra-long eyelashes, and how could I possibly be mad? Right now he's in between fits of tears, in his room, reading a book, going "Big E, little E." Of course, only I can understand him, as it sounds something like "Uh ee, uh-uh ee." I can't even tell you how adorable it is! certainly is the adventure of a lifetime!

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