Friday, October 20, 2006

World Series or Bust!!!!!

Miracles do happen...look at the Cardinals! A team who won only 83 games during the regular season is NOT supposed to go to the World Series. A team who waits until the last day of the season to clinch a berth in the playoffs is NOT supposed to go to the World Series. And NO team has ever in history won game 7 of the NLCS on the road after having lost game 6.

But this is the St. Louis Cardinals we're talking about - they do it the hard way, but they get it done! They won their 17th league pennant in franchise history, which is second only to the NY Yankees (who've won an amazing 38!).

They won last night's Game 7 the hard way too - waiting until the 9th inning to break the 1-1 tie with a 2-run homer by catcher Yadier Molina. But it wasn't over - the bottom of the 9th was nerve-racking, as the bases got loaded just in time for power hitter Carlos Beltran of the Mets. But the Cardinals' reliever got the job done. Talk about excitement!!!

So...we'll see the Tigers in the World Series beginning Saturday. Go redbirds!!!!

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