Tuesday, September 04, 2007

18 Week Appointment Update

Well, there's good news and bad news.

Good news first - both baby girls are looking great! They are measuring right on schedule, have no signs of any problems, and are just as cute as can be all squished up in there! Unfortunately, we somehow managed to leave the office without any pics, so I don't have any new ones to post yet. They are both weighing in at about 8 oz each - 1/2 a pound each. They will do another growth ultrasound in 4 weeks.

The bad news - the perinatologist has already diagnosed me with gestational diabetes! I knew my blood sugars were creeping up, but I didn't think they were THAT bad yet. And if I wasn't already on metformin, they wouldn't be considered as bad, and he initially said he didn't think I had full blown diabetes yet. But then when we reviewed my meds and he remembered that I'm on the metformin, he said, "Oh, then you ARE diabetic!" Ack! So the Sweet Success nurse gave me the new eating plan, which of course cuts out all sweets. Even milk is considered a starch, and I have to limit it - and can't have any before lunch. No cereal for breakfast, either, even without the milk. And my fruits, which have been helping me so much, are now significantly limited as well. Gonna have to go get some sugar-free ice cream!!!

My concern is about my weight. According to "the book," written by the doc who's "the" expert on twins and multiples, I should have gained 14-18 lbs by now for my BMI. Since my first appt on 7/6, I've gained a whopping 2 lbs. And now that I'm going to be on this carb-restricted diet, I would imagine I will probably LOSE weight instead of gaining. I asked the nurse about it, and she kind of brushed it off. I'm just concerned b/c even though they do deal with lots of multiples there, it's not like they specialize in multiples. I asked the doc about it too, and he said he's not too worried about my lack of gain yet.

My cervix did shorten a bit since my last appt, which did not surprise me since I've been feeling a lot of pressure from Baby A down there, as well as some contractions. Baby A is doing a head stand right on my cervix! Even though it shortened some, it is still measuring in the normal range. They will recheck it in 2 weeks, and the doc said if I have 6 or more contractions in one hour, I need to call my OB and/or go to the hospital.

So I have a regular OB appointment next Monday, and a peri appt for my blood sugars and cervical check the following Monday. Thanks for everyone's continued prayers!

Guess what? It's actually THUNDERING outside!!!! How cool is that?! That almost NEVER happens around here! Unfortunately, it probably won't actually rain, nor will it cool things off - supposed to be 111 today plus a whole lot of humidity.

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Sally said...

I don't think that you should be super worried about your weight...I know w/ my cousin when she had her twins, I don't think that she gained any weight. Of course, she was super sick and lost and then got back to her pre-pg weight by the end...but both babies were happy and healthy at the end. So, even though it might not be your ideal, you still have time to go.


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